Route your Documents in the Right Direction

The worklfow application can either be a localized software residing on each employees desktop or a web application from which all employees can access the workflow via an internet browser. Both types of methods have a high security protocol and request user credentials at the highest workflow security level. All workflow applications that CaneDesign implements have a backend administrator interface to which the workflow admin can update and make changes to the system. Setting up groups and workflow recipeint order is also available through the admin interface.
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workflow application
workflow software

Workflow Software

A workflow application can take any document, whether it be a purchase order or headcount request and route it for approval across your orgranization. Document routing may seem like an easy task, but where is the accountability via a phone call? Where is the automation via an email message? And where is tha track record and responsibility via a verbal conversation? The workflow application maintains all the information you need to present responsibility, accountability, and reliability within an orgranization purchasing department to their accounting department. The workflow system works as easy as any other simple software. The workflow application consists of the following: members of the specific workflow, type of workflow request, organization's department, file upload, and an open ended comments section. The members of the workflow include an originator and multiple recipients, the orginator starts the workflow and attaches a document for approval. The recipients are individuals that will either approve or reject the workflow passed from the originator. The recipeints are either pre-populated or their order is generated by the originator for approval of their document. Our workflow system has customized reports to view workflows by originator, workflows by employee or any other document routing report. The users of the workflow can be authenticated either by LDAP from active directory, or be authenticated within their very own corporate intranet system.