K9Stud.com was a site we developed from start to finish. Our web designers took this website to the next level, from the logo design to the homepage, we accomplished this task with dedication. As happy clients, K9Stud.com continued their relationship with us, we helped K9Stud to gain high search engine positions on Google through search engine optimization in miami. Feel free to do a google search for dogs for sale, or puppies for sale and see where we rank them.
LigableONo is a website that caters to the Latin America market. It is a website where hispanics can meet each other and potential get to know each other for dating purposes. This site is completely in spanish and provides innovative design. The unique thing about LigableONo is that it provides a live video chat where users can video conference with each other through a Video Chat Room, create an account today and check out the cool features this site has.
Building a corporate portal is not an easy task, especially when a high level security to access reports is needed. Executive Airlines required an online corporate portal where employees can download reports, view contracts, take an online self-audit, and have a workflow application. We provided them just that, with a 5 tier user access heirarchy, they wanted certain employees to have access to certain documents. In addition to all the other features, there is a built-in workflow system that routes documents for approval.




UXList.com is an online classified ads listing website where you can list your items for sale completely for free. The site has a user level authentication and image upload capabilities, it also uses AJAX for interactivity with the viewer. It has a flawless design where many customers find it easy to navigate through all the listings and even create an account for themselves.
UploadYourVoice caters to the Urban and hip crowd where local music talents can upload their own voice via our site to show case it to the world. This site will take any MP3, WAV, or MP4 and convert it to a format where all listeners can hear the music. The site also converts all videos (mpg, avi, mov) to an flv flash file for all browsers to be able to render and display the video. The miami web design company that developed this site is second to none!
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